In case there is some confusion, former Broncos defensive lineman Simon Fletcher has not been elected into the team Ring of Fame.Maybe, a case can be made that he should be, considering he holds the franchise record with 97 1/2 career sacks. Or maybe he shouldn be, considering Fletcher never was named to one Pro Bowl.But what indisputable is he not in the Ring of Fame. And considering Fletcher last season was 1995, his chances aren looking good.The confusion came during the Broncos pre draft press conference Monday that featured John Elway, the team front office boss. Near the end of the press conference, someone asked no, it wasn a question, it was a statement: Simon Fletcher, Ring of Fame. The media member stated this in a way that suggested it was fact.wholesale jerseys from china I was working on Brian Dawkins retirement story and arrived late to Elway presser and thought I missed the Fletcher announcement.Turns out Simon Fletcher, Ring of Fame was news to everyone. Elway, who is not one of the four members of the Broncos Ring of Fame committee, figured Fletcher had been elected but he must have missed the memo. When the guys upstairs are bunkered in draft meetings, they don know what it happening in the outside world, much less read the internal memos.So Elway went on to say nice things about Fletcher election into the Ring of Fame: Elway said. a guy that was a great player and a guy I really enjoyed having as a teammate. He was a great football, a guy with a great sense of humor and a great teammate but a good man, too. I thrilled for Simon, it’s a well deserved honor because he did have so many great years for the Broncos back in the late 80s early 90s. He was a guy, second round draft pick? Really did a great job. I’m really happy for Simon. An honor well deserved. an honor not yet bestowed. Fletcher will have to call on that sense of humor now. At least he knows his most famous former teammate stands on his Ring of Fame candidacy.For once Klis it Simon Fletcher holds the Broncos career sack record and he not in the Ring of Fame? That ridiculous. Simon teammate from 1985 95, Karl Mecklenburg, is there, so Simon should be too. The only reason he hasn been considered for the Ring of Fame is because he never made it to the Pro Bowl. But that a cop out. Plenty of Bronco players in addition to Simon played for years and never got Pro Bowl berths even though they were darn good. Broncos, correct this oversight now. Give Simon his spot in the Ring of Fame.

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