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Here at Aquarium Kidz we would like not only bring cool and stylish children clothing and accessories to you , but also create opportunities to help and change lives. A few years back we had a chance to travel to rural Cambodia and to meet this extraordinary lady Ponheary Ly, who was our guide for a day or two but stayed in our hearts forever. She has seen it all: life in poverty and murder of her father and other family members during genocide. Today she is working to build a brighter future for the children of Cambodia by helping them go to school.

She took us to one of the schools to meet these children and we couldn’t believe our eyes how malnourished they looked. Most of the families are struggling to survive on $1 /day and most of the parents cant afford to buy uniforms and school supplies and need their kids to work in rice fields. They also lack transportation to get to school as they live in rural areas. We have been trying to help them since and would like to create an opportunity for everyone to help. You can help these children to get education and break this cycle of poverty. We hope that through your support and awareness, you can be a part of helping to change the lives of Cambodian families in need.

By buying our products , a portion of every item you purchase will benefit those in need.

You can also donate using their page: